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GRUPOMEDICAS SAS, Centro de Reconocimiento de Conductores, entidad de carácter privado, establecida inicialmente en la ciudad de Bogotá desde el año 2007, prestando sus servicios para la certificación de personas que desean obtener, refrendar o recategorizar su licencia de conducción (como lo exige la Ley 769 de 2002, artículo 19).

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How Business Measurements Can Help You Identify the Economic Health of the Business

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  • How Business Measurements Can Help You Identify the Economic Health of the Business

Business calculations could be a powerful device for business owners to use in determining the monetary health of their businesses. They will help you identify whether if you’re pricing your products and services adequately, alert one to areas of option and allow you to approve issues may very well not be aware of.

1 ) Break-Even Stage: For new businesses, this calculation helps you determine how much revenue you’ll need to reach profitability. This helps you set realistic sales goals and limit surprising expenditures in the future.

installment payments on your Profit Margin: Knowing your margins will let you price your products and services better, and it can end up being a valuable application when seeking financing for your business.

a few. Revenue/Earnings: This method takes your business’s income and return, which are the cash flow you generate from providing goods or services, and multiplies it by simply an industry standard multiple to create a value. Expert: It’s a really easy way to establish a value to your business.

4. Discounted Cash-Flow Analysis: Using this method uses a lower price rate to estimate the benefit of your near future earnings and excess settlement. It is an powerful tool to get valuing your company if you’re considering a sale or merger.

5. Anticipated Rate of Earnings/Compensation Growth: It is the percentage fee you expect your business’s earnings to expand over time. Get into a number among 0% (no growth) and 100% (doubled earnings).

In addition to estimating startup company costs, be sure to account for virtually any fees which will be required by your state. These could contain business sign up, licenses and other legal costs.

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